Monday, 5 January 2015

Hand Trucks for Heavy Potted Plants

If you're looking for a piece of equipment specifically designed for moving large potted plants, this specialized plant dolly may be exactly what you're looking for. Lifting large pot plants can place significant strain on your body, and is generally awkward and time consuming.

What was previously a two person job becomes a relatively easy one person job, with no requirement for strapping or tying the pot to the dolly. Lifting heavy pots is actually quite hazardous due to the extent to which you have to bend to lift them, and the fact that there can be a lack of handles and comfortable grip.

Prongs grip the pot

The hand-truck pictured above has a 75lb capacity, with an adjustable hook designed to grab onto pots and properly secure them. One of the major drawbacks of hand-trucks is keeping the load stable, especially when moving items which can not be easily held as you walk, such as a potted plant.

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Multipurpose Lifting Tool

If you're a landscaper or have a would benefit from a piece of equipment that 'does it all', perhaps you'd rather consider this clever multifunction lifter and wheel barrow.

What separates this from it's competition (and makes it more expensive) is it's multipurpose capabilities. It comes with several accessories which allow it to be used for several different functions.  It can carry anything from large rocks to convert into a wheel barrow for hauling loads of soil.

Heavy rocks create significant potential for muscle strains, or other injuries such as crushed feet.This unit is set up to allow for easy relocation of large boulders, without the usual sore hands and back.

There's all sorts of uses for this product, it's a wheelbarrow, hand truck and pot/rock hauler in one.

An awesome piece of equipment with a wide variety of uses.

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Safety Tips

You're probably thinking 'A hand-truck is a simply device, I don't need any tips'. However, there are a few basic things you might not know or might not think to do. 
  1. Push, don't pull. Pushing is better for your body and allows you to 'keep your eyes on the road'.
  2. Before use, check the route and remove obstructions. Most hand truck injuries include pinching or scraping hands on walls or stationary objects when attempting to navigate around things or through tight spaces.
  3. Properly position the pot so the weight is properly balanced over the axle. This will make the job easier as less weight will be on the handles when the pot is lifted.
  4. Be careful on slopes and uneven surfaces, especially edges of docks or platforms. If you're pushing a load that tips, you may fall with it if you attempt to hang on and prevent it from falling down. There is a horrendous video of this online, where a man falls from a dock and is slung through the air by a dolly as it flips and drops.
There's really not much to be concerned about as they're generally very safe and reduce rather than create injury risks.

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