Thursday, 8 January 2015

Plant Pot Caddies With Wheels

We all love how large potted plants can significantly enhance the appearance of our gardens. However, when it comes time to move or relocate them, it can turn into an awkward back breaking experience. Relying on brute strength to get the job done may seem like the easiest and cheapest option. However, back surgery can also be rather expensive.

Rolling is obviously a lot easier than lifting and carrying. Make your plants mobile and roll-able with a wheeled pot caddy. You'll need to make sure you buy a durable version, with quality wheels which roll smoothly over your average garden surfaces such as bumpy paving or cracked concrete.

The 'Down Under Plant Caddy'

The caddy pictured below is both durable and comes with a hole in the center to ensure drainage is not adversely affected. 

Markers for balance  

Cleverly, the unit pictured above also has marks which can be used to measure how balanced the plant is. By ensuring that each caddy has the same number of marks visible, you know when it is properly balanced in the center of the caddy. 

Durable wheels

This is made from high quality plastic, with a width of 20", and durable wheels made from nylon and steel. Another good feature is that one of the casters is able to be locked, preventing any unwanted movement. Whilst they're built to be tough, they're not designed to be rolled over rough terrain such as rock gardens, and if this is what you require then consider a hand truck style dolly.

The Down Under Plant Caddy is available on Amazon

If the option above doesn't seem like the best pot transportation option for your situation, perhaps you'd be interested in considering product pictured below.

This unit has larger wheels and allows you to transport your plant without being forced to remain in a bent over position. The larger wheels allow for movement over rougher ground, and the two special arms come down onto the pot to make sure it stays securely in position. These arms adjust up and down the handle, in order to cater for pots of a height of 8" to 30". 

Whilst this is slightly more expensive than a unit which sits at the base, these will allow for quicker and easier transportation. This will also make it easier when there are any minor ledges or cracks which may catch smaller wheels.

Search for 'potted plant mover' on Amazon

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