Friday, 6 February 2015

Heavy Pot Lifting Straps

Share the load.

Large pot plants are at the top of the list of objects that are awkward to lift and carry. This is a hazardous task to attempt without the proper tools. You may find yourself straining to support the weight without proper grip, with branches poking you in the face. The awkwardness and strain involved in carrying heavy potted plants can be minimized with the use of proper equipment.

Ergonomic and versatile lifting straps

Designed to carry loads up to 200lbs, this versatile pot lifting strap sling can also be used on a variety of large heavy objects, including rocks, paving slabs and logs. This allows for easy ergonomic lifting in pairs.

It can also be used as a rock or log hauler. Simply buckle the straps around the object to be lifted, allowing you too carry a wide range of items such as feed, cement, large mulch bags and landscaping stones. 

This is a simple product, which makes life easier and significantly reduces the risk of back strain. However, as with all lifting aids, it must be used with the proper lifting technique. Other precautions, such as inspecting the path to be taken and clearing obstacles will contribute significantly to minimizing the risk of injury whilst carrying.

Heavy duty materials make this strong and durable and a life-time warranty is provided. It's also an affordable piece of equipment, priced much cheaper than the medical bills you may have to cover from hauling pots and boulders using brute force. 

This tool is available for purchase on Amazon

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